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Consumer UX

Vehicle Recall Product

CARFAX needed to improve the usability of their Vehicle Recall product so that it can help millions of consumers search for safety recalls. The original flow required users to click a link from the landing page to be able to check for recalls by VIN. The redesign allowed users to check for recalls directly on the landing page, while providing an improved overall design that aligns with the company style guide.

  • Before

  • After

    Mobile Application


    NavyBMR is an Advancement Exam preparation tool for US sailors. The mobile app has been downloaded more than 100k times between Google Play and the App store.

    Mobile Application


    status1™ is a comprehensive analytics system for college football recruiting. Created for student athletes, by student athletes, status1™ has been able to revolutionize the recruiting process by creating an even playing field, and reliable un-biased system.

    Web Application

    Drone Maintenance & Inventory System

    This web application was designed for a large drone operation company. Its purpose is to track the locations, health, and user of each vehicle and drone that the company owned.